Investment Policies in Asean Islamic Countries : Learning from Indonesia Malaysia and Brunei

26 Nov 2014 Mukti Fajar Bahan Kuliah, Diskusi, Makalah


Facing the upcoming 2015, ASEAN countries have been preparing their self to face the ASEAN Economic Community, each country is doing their best preparing their both internal and external aspects. Internal aspect including the preparation of their superior national products and services, as well as preparing for the supported policies and economic-related administration procedures. The external aspect is covering the inter-country survey process to study other’s countries economic situation, such as ;  government policies, political situation, as well as socio-cultural factors , including religion and faith. This paper will be more focused on a review in the relationship between religious aspect and government policies as well as its effects on consumption and transaction pattern in ASEAN countries which’s their Moslem population is quite big such as Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia


¨This paper will also discuss about investment topic which seen from Islamic perspective in Indonesia with some comparison with Malaysia and Brunei, specifically about some of these issues below:

  • Principals of Islamic Law as a guidance for Moslem people in their actions
  • Indonesia’s investment regulation (as well in Malaysia and Brunei) in Islamic perspective
  • What kind type of investment in Indonesia (as well in Malaysia and Brunei) that suitable with Islamic perspective?

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